The aircraft is the perfect means of transport and makes it possible to have a wide range of services according to your needs

Transport of Passengers

One of the great advantages of traveling on private jets is the time saved, greatly avoiding the registration process to board a commercial aircraft. For private trips, it is required only the arrival of passengers at the aerodrome with 30 minutes in advance. In addition, the autonomy of flight, enables direct flights from Santiago to Chiloe or to San Pedro de Atacama.

The transfer by helicopter, makes it possible to quickly reach anywhere without an aerodrome or heliport. It is perfect for places of difficult access such as mountains, glaciers, etc. It allows us to make extreme sports, like Heliski and Helibike.



We offer you the possibility of reaching remote locations and skiing in the best natural tracks, without human intervention. With capacity for up to 4 skiers plus the guide, we can provide the best experience of Heliski, a safe and personalized service.

Forest Fires

Our pilots have vast experience in fighting forest fires, supporting the work of Conaf. With the helicopter and the help of a Bambi Bucket (basket) we can come closer to the place of the incident and discharge water with or without foaming agents.

Hanging load

It consists of the air transportation of loads to places of difficult access. The load is attached to the helicopter and it is taken to the destination without landing the aircraft. Among the uses of the pendant loading service include: transfer of construction materials, antennas, support of civil works, among others.

Control of frosts and Dried Fruit

The helicopter flight at low altitude and speed is used as a means of mitigating frost in farms. There is a movement of masses of hot air that descend and the cool air that rises; thus elevating to some degree temperature, thus avoiding the freezing of buds and fruits, which result in the loss of the products.

It is also possible to accelerate the drying of fruits flying on plantations and in this way avoid the damage caused by the drops of rain, especially in agricultural products for export.